Production Processes

Production processes are data management processes that are executed only in a production environment and are necessary to maintain proper operation of a production system.

Disaster Recovery

  • Perform Requirements gathering
  • Define Backup/recovery strategy
  • Define Hot standby strategy
  • Define Hardware strategy
  • Create management programs, procedures
  • Build and execute Disaster Recovery strategy/Plan

Space Management

  • Perform freespace management
  • Perform fragmentation management (reorganization)
  • Perform I/O Load balancing

Database Operations

  • Create programs/procedures for
    • Startup
    • Shutdown
    • Session cleanup
    • Restart

Configuration Management

  • Follow-up and migration to new DBMS releases.
  • Follow-up and migration to new middleware products
  • Follow-up and migration to new client products
  • Testing through change management
  • Planning and Implementation

Trend Analysis And Capacity Planning

  • Define capacity data-items to collect
  • Periodically collect capacity data
  • Aggregate capacity data
  • Interprete results
  • Compare results with sizing info
  • Report to management

Monitoring – Alerting

  • Define instance to monitor
  • Define parameters to monitor
  • Define alarm tresholds
  • Define appropriate action
  • Define operational procedures
  • Select tool
  • Implement tool

Problem Management

  • Define problem capture
  • Define problem assignment
  • Define problem-escalation
    • To management
    • To hardware supplier
    • To DBMS supplier
  • Resolve trouble tickets
  • Report problem management

Security Management

  • Coordinate DB Security with security department using predefined scripts.

Query Management

  • Periodically update query statistics
  • Monitor table scans

Data Removal

  • Define online data requirements
  • Create cleanup programs/procedures
  • Schedule cleanup data
  • Reorganize
  • The final objective of the “End-to-end database support methodology” is to automate the data management processes as much as possible and to make the formal data management processes known by all IT departements.