Bpost Expert Informix Consultant
  • Manage and support the national 679-account databases
  • Training of Informix DBA’s
Bank van De Post Senior database consultant
  • Implement and the Oracle 11g databases for the Thaler-on-SAP project.
  • Development and production support for both Oracle and Informix.
  • Upgrade the Informix 9.40 environment to version 11.50.
  • Migration of all systems from Siemens/Reliant Unix to Sun/Solaris
  • Migration of all Informix environments from 9.21 to 9.40
  • Implementation of proactive Informix alerting on all systems
  • Performance tuning
  • Implementation of trend analysis on all systems
  • Training of new Informix DBA's
Fitclass IT Manager
  • Application Service Provider for the Fitclass project
  • Coordination of contracts / Service Level Agreements
    • Network /Housing (Partner EDPNet)
    • Hardware/Infrastructure/Helpdesk(Partner Be-Online)
    • Development (Partner Insoft)
    • Central Server Management (AD Solutions)
HP (EDS) Database Consultant/Systems engineer - Systems Engineer DBA
  • Development and support of multiple systems : General Motors Parts System, General Motors Medical System , Makro Purchasing System, BACOB Securitization System. Supported multiple Sybase, SQLServer and Ingres environments as a DBA.
  • Implementation of the system initially developped for the Belgian Bacob bank. The Mortgage system is used by Westpac to define it’s mortgage loan products, originate mortgage loans using it’s branches and the Adelaide based Mortgage Processing Centre, and service it’s Mortgage loans after loan settlement. Wholesale project for Woolworths
Federal Police Senior database consultant
  • Migration of the existing Informix Systems to Intersystems Caché
  • Informix support for the ISLP-system (Integrated System for the Local Police)
  • Organised and tought Informix system administration and DBA courses
  • Performance tuning
  • Implementation of proactive Informix alerting on all systems ( +- 200 serversystems/zones)
IBM (Informix) Technical Account Manager/Database Consultant onsite at BACOB
  • Services technical account management based on "End-to-end database support"
  • Implementation "Thaler"-package Bank of the Post
  • Galvalange
  • Fortis,BBL, Nagelmackers, Delta Lloyd
  • Carrefour (occasionally)
  • Alstom
  • Orange
  • Study for an operational data store
  • Datawarehouse review and optimization
  • Performance tuning
  • Procedural consultancy
  • Problem management
  • Orange
DB Works Database Consultant
  • BaaN implementation for George Weston Foods (Australia)
  • Wholesale project for Woolworths
Infos NV Systems Operator - DBA
  • Operation of the mainframe based shipping applications.
  • Datamanagement support for the hierachical databases of the applications.