Development Processes

Development support processes only happen during the system/application development phase. They are executed iteratively for each system/application developped.

Logical Data Model Review

  • Allocation of subject areas to individuals
  • Detect and correct mistakes
  • Review completeness
  • Review Entities
  • Review Attributes
  • Review Relations
  • Review Domains
  • Review Integrity
  • Review Time-factor

Star/Snowflake Model Review (for data warehousing)

  • Review dimensions
  • Review facts
  • Review datatypes
  • Review volumes
  • Review aggregates built on Star Model

Creation Physical Data Model

  • Define naming standards
  • Denormalise where necessary
  • Creation/generation physical data model
  • Creation/generation DDL

Creation Database Objects

  • Calculate necessary diskspace
  • Create Tables
  • Create Indices
  • Create Referential contraints
  • Create Check constraints, defaults
  • Create Referential constraint triggers/procedures
  • Create Null constraints

Load Data (OLTP)

  • Management of initial data (e.g. data of reference tables) not the source of the data
  • Determine sequence of data load procedures
  • Create of load procedures
  • Execute load procedures

Change Management

  • Coordination with application releases
  • Changes are executed immediately in development. (evt. ERWin )
  • Changes (DML-DDL) are managed through the change management cycle.
  • Changes are executed by application release in test, acceptance and production